What our customers are saying!

DocWalks has a dedicated following that is fervently growing day by day. Our happy customers are strong believers in DocWalks and often wish to express their love of our product to the world. Here are only a small fraction of the countless people DocWalks have helped the throughout the years.


Kaley C. says :

I spent $600 on orthotics but they are too thick to fit any of my shoes. I got a pair of DocWalks for my heels and now I have a pair in every shoe I own.
Thanks DocWalks!

Michael S. says :

My son has flat feet like me, I didnt want to get custom orthotics because I knew he would grow out of them. My friend recommended I try DocWalks. It’s incredible, we get a new pair every time he needs a new pair of shoes and I even got a pair for myself.
Thanks DocWalks!

Miles R. says :

I injured my knee when I was young and I thought it would bother me for the rest of my life. It particularly was irritated when I would walk so I got and pair of DocWalks for my work shoes. I couldnt believe it but the pain in my knees completely went away.
Thanks DocWalks!

Jon F. says :

My lower back constantly ached and I tried everything but nothing worked. My doctor told me to try DocWalks, after three days I was cured.
Thanks DocWalks!

Mariah P. says :

I work in a restaurant and stand all day. I tried DocWalks and it just made standing all day way more comfortable. I told my co-workers to try them and they were huge hit. Now everybody at work is feeling better and I look like a hero.
Thanks DocWalks!

Jason L. says :

As a construction worker I stand all day, By the end of the day my feet would kill and my knees and lower back would ache. I was told I had flat feet but I didnt know what to do. Custom orthotics cost an arm and a leg and they dont fit any of my shoes. I decided to try Doc walks and now I can stand all day and even work overtime
Thanks DocWalks!